Northern Norwegian contemporary
folk music with a spark

In the spring of 2014, violinist and singer Julie Alapnes gathered some of her favorite musicians to start what would become the band Julietnorth. With a bunch of songs composed by Julie, in addition to some traditional tunes from Northern Norway, the musicians was given the possibility to form the musical expression of the group. 

This resulted in an energetic and fresh sound where folk-inspired tunes meet 70s riffs, baritone guitars and dreamy vocals. The beautiful and quirky melodies thrive in this cinematic landscape, where Julie's characteristic fiddle and the portable pump organ Leon form an important foundation. Julietnorth released their debut album February 2018 and for this they received great reviews: 

"Julietnorth is an artist for the future!"

- Svein Andersen, Aftenposten

"... that this is their first CD is hard to believe. Their sound is carefully formed, as are the arrangements and their playing skills are of course great..."

- Lira Music Magazine

"If I have a recommandation for this summer it would be to listen to this CD."

- Northern Norwegian Magazine

"So congratulations, Julietnorth, this is an exellent first album..."

- Folkemusikk.no

"Through years of developing a distinctive tone and way of playing, Julie Alapnes has made a mark both nationally and internationally with equal parts energy, groove and lyrical sound in her instrument."

- iTromsø

Julietnorth is currently planning the release of their second album and their first single from this CD came out on friday the 13th of september. "Lille Chicago" is available on all streaming platforms. Enjoy!